What are Halal treats?


Since its origin in Sevilla, Wonkandy has expanded its franchise to more than 25 countries, from Spain to Oceania through Europe and the Persian Gulf countries. Its opening to the millionaire market of Muslim consumers, whose gastronomy has a long tradition of sweets, has been possible thanks to the halal product line.


Halal literally translates as “permission”. The term is applied to food and designates food handling that which adheres to Muslim religion. However, the opposite term: “haram”, refers to the food which is forbidden per Islamic laws.


A practical example is the halal anise or “pipermín” candies from Wonkandy. These doesn’t contain liquor nor is used in its manufacture process. It only includes anise and mint herbal aromas in its formulation. Also, the gelatin used in the preparation of sweets like the gourmet gummies, it’s usually derived from vegetable or cow and are adjustments for Halal food.


Why choose Wonkandy as your halal candy wholesaler?


To clear up any doubt about the origin of the products, there are Halal legitimate organizations. In the case of the Wonkandy gourmet treats, Wonkandy possess the Official Certificate for the Islamic market issued by the Halal institute of Cordoba.


Halal gourmet candy is a relatively new market niche in the West. If you are a salesperson or distributor, when it comes to expanding your range of sweets for the Muslim consumer, the best possible start is through a brand like Wonkandy. It’s been successfully proven in countries where halal principles are applied.


Today, it is no longer necessary to open a store in Dubai to sell halal confectionery. Because we are in a globalized world, the Muslim consumer is in any part of the world. The Halal confectionery line, precisely, was one of the pioneers in the startup of the Wonkandy brand, after its launch in the famous Harrods department store which is currently owned by the royal family of Qatar.


Halal candies in the luxury packaging industry: Sales Success


A luxury product needs a luxury packaging. At a highly competitive market, Wonkandy understands the need to differentiate its product from the competition and attract the consumer. Halal gourmet treats are sold with packaging solutions that prioritize protection during the shipment process, as well as in the supply process, where attractive packaging solutions are essential to capture the customer’s attention on the shelf.


With the combination of shapes, colors, printing techniques and materials, the packaging of the Halal gourmet candy highlights the quality of the product, making it truly unique and exclusive.

Moreover, the influence of consumer behavior at the point of sale is essential for the business success. On the other hand, sustainable packaging is not only in limited demand for luxury buyers, but also reflects the preferences of the public in general. More important, Wonkandy luxury packaging has been developed by following the philosophy of reducing environmental impact.