Gluten-free treats: Gourmet products for celiacs

The celiacs already have a gourmet line with Wonkandy gluten free treats. In its manufacture, ingredients and products containing gluten have been eliminated to avoid the intake of protein that is present in cereals such as wheat, rye, barley or oats.

The niche of customers for this type of candy is very broad. Celiac disease or gluten sensitivity is the immune reaction of eating gluten food, wich affects 1% of the world population with twice the ratio of women than men. It refers to the immune reaction of the organism by eating gluten and creating inflammation in the intestine and other related symptoms.

Because there still no cure for celiac disease, the only therapy is to abstain from eating gluten-containing foods for life. In the most severe cases, minimum contamination must be avoided. Including additives in food that contains gluten.

Benefits of eating gluten-free treats for the consumer

For a celiac, it is very practical to find treats labeled as: 100% gluten-free, since the composition of the product does not contain possible traces of gluten in other ingredients, such as syrups or aromas that accompany the treat.

Because of the intolerance hereditary genetic component, a celiac can begin to experience the symptoms in adulthood. If the person is passionate about sweets since childhood, he has to completely eliminate sweets with gluten in his diet. To avoid that annoyance, you can choose the Wonkandy gluten free candy line. The celiacs will no longer need to abstain from sweets, because you will find a wide range of healthy and gourmet quality alternatives.

In the confectionery for coeliacs, wheat flour can be replaced. For example, with rice flour (gluten-free cereal), almond, corn or chestnut, depending on the product.

High-end packaging for gluten-free treats

The packaging for gourmet products are made to measure specific marketing objectives, specially in the point of sale by improving the visibility of the brand.

Current trends include attention to ergonomics, appropriate materials for transportation, personalization and sustainability. They take into account factors that improves the product coeliacs niche by entering through the range of gourmet gifts.

The consumer pays exclusivity for gluten-free gourmet treats and added values such as the quality of the packaging and its environmental guidelines. These include the use of certain materials and carbon footprint during the manufacture process.

For this reason, the packaging of gluten-free sweets highlights the characteristics of a gourmet product, so that the consumer immediately perceives that it is a high-end product. Nowadays, consumers of gourmet treats find Wonkandy as a luxury brand, an ethical and socially responsible company.

Consumers choose this brand with respect to others of lower range, for their suitability packaging as a gift option.