Lactose free sweets: a huge market to conquer

Stocks of lactose-free treats are essential to satisfy the consumer who experience lactose intolerance. It is the most common food intolerance, in which Wonkandy has developed a wide range of products specially for this niche market as the adult consumer who present lactose intolerance symptoms.

Characteristics of lactose-free treats

In Spain, according to data from the Spanish Society of General, Family Doctors and the Spanish Society of Digestive Pathology, up to 15% of adults are lactose intolerant and 34% presents discomfort associated with lactose. Lactose is a sugar that is present in milk, and to be metabolized it needs an enzyme (lactase) which is produced naturally in a baby intestine. Intolerance is relatively common because once the age of lactation is over and as the person matures, the organism stops producing this enzyme due to its genetic predisposition or to a disease.

The lactose-free treats adult market is already extensive and its enhanced by the characteristics of  intolerance. Genetically, Caucasian race is the least likely to suffer from lactose intolerance. However, African and Asian origin descendants are the most vulnerable. Any company in the Asian or African market, looking to expand its market sales will have a huge number of potential consumers.

Some people may consume products with low lactose content and others may have to abstain from it. For those who have greater intolerance, certain products that are not made with milk as their main ingredient, may contain traces of lactose that produce some symptoms. Wonkandy makes its line of lactose-free treats by substituting vegetable-based or lactose-free ingredients and equivalents to avoid any risk.

Advantages of the packaging of gourmet lactose-free treats

The brand image of a gourmet product line lies in its presentation and packaging. These treats are thought exclusively as gifts. Besides its flavor, they offer a sensory and emotional experience. In recent years, the boom in gourmet products is reflected by the sales growth in the market.

A well presented gourmet product justifies its price and even more if it meets sustainable and environmental standards in packaging. Luxury brands, like Wonkandy assume that consumers have become conscious about environmental impact and choose products with this standards.

The luxury packaging for lactose-free treats responds to the market positioning in the Premium price range. In addition, high-end packaging offers the following advantages:

  • Great Printing and Visually Attractive. It is easier to distinguish yourself from the competition at the point of sale.

  • Differentiation. Purchase motivation is different because lactose free candy can be considered as a gift for the adult consumer. You pay more for a present than for something that is considered a treat for children.

  • Low Risk Purchase. There is a perception of lower risk purchase by the product consumer.

Reduced competition. There are hardly any competitors within the category of gourmet treats and sometimes Wonkandy will be the only existing brand option.