Gourmet vegan treats

Wonkandy vegan candy replaces animal ingredients, flavors and colorants with vegetable ingredients. Wonkandy elaborates and adjust the gourmet line of vegan candy to the standards of orthodox veganism, which is suitable for other trends like vegetarianism and flexitarianism. The products designed for those who practice veganism have become present on the shelves of supermarkets and convenience stores. This philosophy originated in the United States and has spread throughout the world. Nowadays, there is a huge niche market for vegan products. In 2017, according to the consultant Lantern, 7.8% of the Spanish population already practice some type of vegetarianism.

Difference between vegan and vegetarian products

Vegan candies are manufactured according to vegan concepts and differ in certain points of vegetarianism. On the vegan diet there is a strong ethical idea about respect for all forms of life. The vegan diet excludes any product of animal origin, although it does not involve damaging it. In contrast to vegetarianism, certain foods are allowed such as milk, cheese, eggs and honey. Typical ingredients in confectionery such as stearic acid is obtained from sheep's wool. The famous carmine dye is extracted from cochineal, and pork or fish food gelatin are replaced by alternatives based on plants. A very popular substitute for animal gelatin is agar (Kanten, in Japanese), a natural gelling agent obtained from the process of red algae. Other vegetable gelatins, depending on the product are carob flour and pectin, which is derived from the apple.

Importance of the packaging of gourmet vegan candies

The correct packaging makes a difference in the purchase decision. In the case of gourmet vegan candies, packaging should expose the quality of the product at first sight. This can differentiates it from the competition. A luxury packaging reinforces the brand image to the point that consumers prefer this brand to others. According to studies, 37% of buyers are willing to buy an alternative brand if they can not find the product they want on the shelf.

Nowadays, consumers look more than just packaging in the product. They are increasingly demanding in standards such as the ease of interpreting the label, the quality and process materials. This quality preference has jumped the border of products of  jewelry, perfumery to food sectors. On the other hand, a consumer of gourmet goodies seeks the impression of excellence because the Premium product goes beyond a sweet and becomes a gift product option. In addition to the quality inherent in the production of sweets, it also requires that the packaging be adjusted to environmental and ethical standards. Veganism is a philosophy of life that values ​​aspects such as the energy generated in production or carbon footprint in packaging. Wonkandy follows these packaging standards in any of its products.