Wonkandy is an innovative candy brand that has focused its development and expansion towards the world of what is natural and exclusive, with an original and creative concept and design and an exceptional product, without artificial colorants or preservatives and free of trans (transgenic) fats.

Since 2010, the year it was created in, and until 2015, Wonkandy expanded through its own stores and franchises. As of 2015, its main activity shifted towards the production and supply of gourmet and gift shops.

However, the brand still has a small network of stores located mainly in airports, railway stations and at the foot of cashiers in shopping centers.

Finally, Wonkandy also has presence through "corners" in prestigious gourmet stores, such as Gourmet Experience in El Corte Inglés, in Hipercor stores, in Harrods stores in London, Lovit stores and Vips stores and in many gourmet stores spread throughout the country.

Wonkandy products have as main distinguishing items, that they are handmade, the careful selection of ingredients and their innovative design.


The product is handmade chocolates and candy, selected with natural ingredients, without trans fats, artificial or genetically modified colorants, with INNOVATIVE items such as: exclusive candy lines for special needs, "gluten-free", "lactose-free" or the new specific Halal, or differential design packaging and gourmet aspect.

The following product lines are designed:

A. CHOCOLATES AND CANDY FOR THIRD PARTIES: IMPORT PRODUCT: Packaged product mix manufactured in the USA. and in EU. High demand and profitability. It requires a large volume of references and stock, and sometimes, re-labeling. It represents 10% of the production.

B. WONKANDY CHOCOLATES AND CANDY: It accounts for 90% of the production. OWN PRODUCTION: Exclusive items designed and packaged by Wonkandy (bags, cases, jars, boxes, trays, cakes). Main product for commercial operators.

The keys are the careful selection of ingredients and packaging design.

The ingredients of our candy and chocolates are selected and reviewed with dedication, to guarantee that they are free of trans fats and not genetically modified, and at the customers’ request they can be without artificial colorants.

The packaging seeks to offer an offering of exquisite natural flavors to enjoy a healthy whim and to allow a combination of flavors that satisfy the most demanding palates.

The original design makes Wonkandy an original and unique product. Its positioning in gourmet stores makes us a Premium product.

Wonkandy is present in all the countries of the EU, Mexico, Canada, the Philippines, Japan, Saudi Arabia, Australia and China.