Meet the natural and exclusive wholesale sweets from Wonkandy

Meet the natural and exclusive wholesale sweets from Wonkandy

Wonkandy is a brand of natural and exclusive goodies of gourmet quality. Its handmade manufacturing process begins with the selection of top quality ingredients and continues with high manufacturing standards in order to offer a premium product.

Among the ranges of Wonkandy sweets stands out the sweets for consumers affected by food intolerances that were deprived, until now, of enjoying sweets. In this line of products, we highlight the candy for coeliacs or people with a lactose intolerance.

Other ranges of Wonkandy sweets take into account different beliefs, such as the line of vegan products, or treats adapted to halal food for people of Muslim faith.

The exclusivity of Wonkandy products stands out in the presentation, in addition to the palate. Gourmet treats have high-end packaging and design, focusing on the market niche of gift and gourmet food stores. Wonkandy is sold in multiple stores in the European Union, North America, Asia and Oceania.



Luxury packaging for gourmet wholesale goodies


Wonkandy's wholesale candy packaging complies with sustainability standards in materials, and in its design it provides an image of excellence that attracts the attention of the consumer. Apart from preserving the quality of the sweets, the container also facilitates storage or use by the buyer.

To justify premium gourmet prices, the quality of the product and the packaging must go hand in hand. Wonkandy wholesale candy containers have been manufactured with strict criteria of ecological protection. The care of the environment is part of the brand philosophy and, as the consumer is increasingly demanding with the sustainability of the products, it positively influences the purchase decision.

Currently, packaging for the food industry has more uses than just the protection of content and its preservation. It offers the possibility of carrying out marketing operations through personalization.

The packaging of certain Wonkandy sweets has been designed thinking of different times and holidays of the year, such as Valentine's Day, Halloween and Christmas. The product adapts to the season thanks to its presentation, which is a factor that stimulates the curiosity of the clientele.


Advantages of buying wholesale candy from Wonkandy


Buying wholesale from the manufacturer is a method of cost optimization for small and medium enterprises. Frequent contact with the wholesaler also facilitates the entrepreneur's continuous availability of products.

The wholesaler of Wonkandy, aware of the market trends, offers the client their advice on the suitable products according to the time of the year, the exhibition of products or the volume of the stock that should be acquired in relation to the sales estimate or space of storage available.

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